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Becoming Family

Inter-faith ceremony is an opportunity to merge the richness of our traditions and deepen our understanding and faith through the open doors of diversity. Beyond my accredited Masters of Divinity from a Christian University, I have been blessed with a vast exposure to great teachers…the greatest teachers of all being the beautiful souls bedside in Hospice. My ordination promise is to serve God’s love in it’s infinite spectrum. That is why my commitment to your love-story is a necessity to your authentic ceremony.



Congratulations!! Love is the most important choice in any given moment. The moment of your marriage is the most 

sacred of all. You become family, growing the new branch of your merged family trees.  When I build a ceremony with 

you, the elements of your personal story are essential to what becomes the ‘living-truth’ of that collective moment. 

Every precious soul in attendance is valued, participating, honored, most especially your families. I do not do the old classic “Dearly Beloved” format. The beauty present is too valuable.


Certainly I have my own style of officiating, but the ceremony is uniquely yours. It has to be. This requires a long meeting together… lots of fun… no pressure on you! All ideas are welcome to the table. I have great resources to assist and inspire your choices…once again, no pressure! I tell my couples; “Your ceremony is already written on your hearts. It’s up to me to pull the threads of your story, and go home to weave the tapestry of what your ceremony will become. Only the actual moment itself, will truly define the divine living-truth of your love.”  Personally, I believe there are no coincidences when we connect. It is a great honor to serve your love, and a privilege to stand with you on that sacred threshold as you become family…it is the greatest thing we do in our human walk!



The rehearsal is really for you two and the wedding party to figure out the processional, where to stand, the recessional, and have a physical frame of reference so you'’re all comfortable with it. Usually someone at the facility helps you through that, and they know the optimum spots for entry, reception line, etc...


The ceremony component is my concern...and we'll do that together. So I'm not a necessary element for the rehearsal... In fact, the less folks know about the ceremony, the sweeter it is in the moment. I can give you lots of creative ideas to work with, but they really won't affect your rehearsal plan.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all about this.



If you are doing programs for your guests, please consider not putting an ‘order of ceremony’ in them…it compels your guest to look down and follow step-by-step throughout these incredibly moving moments when you really want them in-the-moment with you, participating as a cherished part of the collective. Programs are wonderful for honoring the names of all of your key people; family, attendants, words of memorial…names of readings and readers…music and musicians…and of course your fabulous officiant!! Also notes of thanks for folks who travel, or personal quips of your romance, etc…Be creative, and make it delightfully yours.



$200.00 - non-refundable deposit to hold your date
$500.00 - Due prior to the ceremony, typically in the envelope with the marriage license

Adjusted fee is available for sincere circumstances.

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